Our Practice

012345Founded in 2007, eMediaAdvantage offers experienced thought leaders and practitioners with demonstrated track records in developing blueprints for success. We use a systematic and holistic approach to evaluate all aspects of your business with the goal of maximizing the value of your product portfolio and accelerating your financial success. Our clients include established industry leaders seeking to strengthen existing business strategies, as well as start-ups building a new market presence.

By seamlessly assimilating into your organization, we move beyond the traditional advisory role to bring the requisite experience and expertise critical to your success. We engage and empower your team to create, own, and sustain the information, strategies and plans we create collaboratively.


circleOur Process

Listen. Absorb. Assimilate. Act.

We work closely with your organization to identify and create strategies and action plans customized to your market, competitive set, brands, company culture, and budget. Our 360-degree approach begins with a review of your strategic objectives and the challenges and roadblocks you are experiencing. Then our team creates highly specific plans based on understanding your business, your goals, your systems, your technologies, and your team’s capabilities.

Evaluate. Integrate. Implement. Measure.

Our dedicated focus working side-by-side with you and your senior team allows us to create a plan and help you execute it, on-time and on-budget. Our expertise is in analyzing and evaluating the strengths and vulnerabilities of your markets, products, workflow processes and staff resources to design a strategy essential to your organization’s success. We will help you align your information, audience and revenue strategies with your organizational structure, operational infrastructure and existing technology platforms recommending alternatives when necessary. Alongside your team, we will develop a sustainable plan based on industry best practices, include measurement benchmarks to track progress against plan and alternative technology options and new personnel skills if required.

Collaborate. Facilitate. Deliver.

You can rely on eMediaAdvantage to develop a fully realized plan, create a customized leadership training program to ensure your success, and provide oversight on implementation. Plus, we will continue to work with you every step of the way to help evolve your plan, anticipating changing market needs and conditions.