Our Leadership

Toni Nevitt

Toni Nevitt, President

eMediaAdvantage is led by Toni Nevitt, an innovative pioneer and visionary in the business information industry with over 25 years of strategic and tactical experience in launching, re-engineering, and repositioning business media products and services. Most recently as former president of eMedia and Information Marketing for Nielsen Business Media, one of the country’s largest B2B media companies, Toni played a strategic role as the company transformed itself from a traditional print-based media company to a full-service, multi-channel business information provider. Toni spearheaded the development of cross-platform information and distribution strategies, focusing on digital products and services that helped professionals better understand their markets, serve their customers, and grow their businesses. She was instrumental in leveraging, aggregating, and marketing the company’s information assets to clients by creating innovative audience acquisition, retention and engagement strategies, and programs to deliver highly targeted audience segments and new sources of revenue.