eMediaAdvantage’s clients include leading brands in business and specialized information.


“eMediaAdvantage has consistently been able to zero in on the core of customer issues and opportunities while delivering results tied to revenue and profitability goals and objectives.”
Michael Marchesano, Managing Director, American Business Media – The Association of Business Information Companies

“eMediaAdvantage brings the unique blend of strategic vision and tactical expertise to help media companies capture the power of audience in building multi-channel platforms in today’s fast paced digital world. Toni’s executive industry experience, in leading this transformation, helped shape direction and accelerate our progress on this path. eMediaAdvantage brought new insights, access to emerging industry best practices and a framework to motivate action.”
Gary T. Fitzgerald, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Meister Media Worldwide

“eMediaAdvantage helps bring business concepts to life! Toni’s holistic views on audience, engagement and media in general are smart, motivating and achievable. Essentially, working with Toni and eMediaAdvantage enabled us to move our business from a print-focused to a database-centric model, which is imperative in today’s media landscape.”
Danielle Hartley, SVP, MedTech Media

“eMedia Advantage has provided WATT with both the strategic and operational foundation for our audience development platform, and is now a valued partner in driving our growth initiatives.”
Greg Watt, President/Chief Operating Officer, WATT Publishing

“eMedia Advantage applies time tested digital media strategies and tactics that increase the value of client companies by helping to improve their existing portfolios and identify cross platform opportunities.”
Roland A. DeSilva, Managing Partner, DeSilva + Phillips Media Investment Bankers